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The institute library provides services to M.Phil students, researchers and teachers in the social sciences including post-doctoral candidates and doctoral candidates. It serves over 320 registered members from various institutions and more than 40 in-house members. No membership fee is charged to any member. In-house members of the IDSK library enjoy book-borrowing facilities whereas members from other institutions are readers only. Selective Dissemination of Information Service is available for research scholars and M.Phil students. In-house library members can get limited number of photocopies of a text document. External members are not eligible for photocopying service.There is a new arrival desk for displaying new titles of books in our library. New arrival lists are also circulated among in-house members through email. The content pages of the journals received in a week are listed and circulated among in-house users over e-mail.

We also have interlibrary lending facilities between bona fide academic libraries in the city. The library is open for users from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. on all working days (Monday to Friday).

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